Monday, 11 April 2011


I see you everywhere
In the green of the grass
In the mossy carpet
In the red of the rose
In every smiling face
In every tear
In sunshine and rain
In the breezes and the storm
In the swelling buds
In the flowers and the fruits
In the rhythms of the sea
In lovers eyes
In the dance and the song
In “the rapturous vitality of the birds”
In the silence of darkness.
Yes I see you within and without
Here and There
Veiling and Unveiling.
My Love
Ever in your loving embrace
I don’t seek you
I need not seek you
Where to seek you?
Wherever I turn I see you
Whatever I taste you are the sweetness
“You are the soul of the soul”
You have never left me
Distance between you and me too is you.
You are my waiting and longing
The pain of separation too is you.
Nothing can veil you
The veil too is you.
None can afford to lose you
As you can’t afford losing anybody
None can escape you
As you are the refuge of all.
None has found you
As all are lost in you.

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