Monday, 11 April 2011

A Sufi

I have long been in search of the Man
Described in scriptures
Who is truly humble;
Who can’t be rebuked and disgraced at all;
As he deems himself nothing, void;
Who is ever accessible to anyone;
Who never wishes to be greeted first;
Whom anybody can call on phone;
Whom you never risk displeasing and intimidating;
Who has no demands and no claims;
Who has no pretensions to being this or that;
Who is  thoroughly decreated;
Who sees God equally in all things;
And thus is ever serene and contented.
Who never complains against anyone,
And has no grudge against anyone.
Who knows no such thing as malice;
Who can play fool for the sake of the other;
Who covets nothing that has been denied to him –
Good looks, fame, riches, power;
Who is motiveless in all actions;
Whose whole life is a sacrifice or yoga
Who knows no worry;
Whom no trouble blows up;
Who is ever glorifying God
By celebrating everything as gift from God.
Who loves unconditionally
Having no wish to be loved in turn
Who daydreams not but is ever in the present
Ever witnessing God Who is every moment in a new glory
Who knows neither the past nor the future
Being utterly immersed in Eternal Now
Who prays for nothing in particular
Because he has no desires
Who waits and waits
And never loses patience
Who has no expectations from anyone
Who has never experienced suffering
Because he has never experienced anything outside God
And God is unadulterated Joy.
Who consents to die
And dies every moment
I have not found one such man.
Perhaps I am not worthy of finding one
But I continue to believe that such men exist
And I continue to search
Because God has not yet been disappointed of man
Or the show would have been finished long back.

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