Monday, 11 April 2011

Perennial Philosophy Matters

The most important problem of man is, after his physical and biological needs have been fulfilled, his existential suffering/estrangement/ignorance and unquenched thirst for some sort of transcendence. Perennial philosophy is an answer to this existential and metaphysical problem. Mystical impulse at the heart of all religions has been key civilizing force in history and in fact indispensable tool for all emancipatory schemes, both this-worldly and other-worldly. All great thinkers, with few exceptions, in all traditional civilizations have been either mystics or influenced significantly by mysticism. Most of great revolutionaries in history have mystical training or orientation. Great traditional art and architecture has been moulded by mystical impulse. Great literature in traditional civilizations is essentially mystical. There is hardly any great epic which is not mystical in inspiration. Nothing in traditional civilizations makes sense except in light of tradition to the making of which religion/mysticism fundamentally contribute. It is social and political philosophy inspired by mysticism which until the rise of Marxism made people aware of injustice and exploitation at the earthly plane.

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