Monday, 11 April 2011

My Lord! Where art Thou?

Where are you, my Lord?
He replied as He had replied
To all those who had asked Him
And cared to listen to Him
That He lives
In the loving heart
In the poor in spirit
Who love and love
Love for the sake of love
Who live for love
And die as martyrs to love
Who love unconditionally
Who love without asking to be loved in turn
Who are love
Who breathe love
Who are drunk with love
And dance madly in love
Who know nothing but love
Who are not themselves
Having died to themselves
Who have sold everything for love
Who know no pain, no misery
Love takes all pain, all misery
Who seek nothing and desire nothing
All their prayers stand already answered.
To love is to be fulfilled
Utterly fulfilled
Contended with the vision
Of the Beauty that Love is
Lovers have no questions, no problems
“Love is Plato and Galen”
Love is the answer to all questions
But where are lovers in this world, my God
Who affords to love you and you alone?
And love all things in you
And see all things through you
Who heeds your invitation to share?
Share everything and sell everything for your sake
Who consents to be consumed by love, annihilated by love?
And to be decreated
Thoroughly decreated for the sake of the Creator
Who have no grievances, no likes and dislikes
As they see all things in God
And through God
And with God’s eyes
And for His sake
Having surrendered
Surrendered their minds, hearts and souls
And kept nothing for themselves.

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